The Canadian Arctic – Symposium Groningen

25th Anniversary Symposium: The Canadian Arctic
Centrum voor Canadese Studies + Arctisch Centrum
28 november 2013; 9.15 u t/m 12.00 u.
Van Swinderenhuis: Glazen Zaal open: 9.00 u.

Oude Boteringestraat 19 – 9712 GC Groningen.
Aanmelding voor dit symposium is niet nodig.
Jeanette den Toonder, Director Centre for Canadian Studies: Welcome.
Peter Jordan, director: Introduction to the Arctic Centre University of Groningen;
Maarten Loonen, University of Groningen (Arctic Centre): “Biological Studies on the Hudson Bay Lowlands near Churchill Manitoba”;
David Sproule, Canada’s Ambassador to Norway: “How Canada and the Arctic Council areSupporting Arctic Research”;
Gerlis Fugmann, Director Association for Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS): “Regional Dynamics and Bottom-Up Economic Development in Nunavik and Nunatsiavut”.

Kenney 9781554882922.225x225-75Gordon Robertson, former deputy Minister of Northern Affairs and National Resources and Commissioner of the NorthwestTerritories, 1953-1963: “While the claim of Norway … was settled in an agreement in 1930 recognizing Canadian sovereignty over the Sverdrup Islands, the Norwegian government specified that its recognition in no way implied approval of the so-called sector principle“.
From: Ship of Wood and Men of Iron. Gerard Kenney, blz. xiv. Geplaatst: 20.11.2013