Don’t call me Eskimo

Eskimo’s mag en kan écht niet meer!
Respect graag voor de Groenlanders en de andere Inuit in Canada, Alaska en Noordoost-Siberië.
Daar heeft de Inuit Circumpolar Council, de overkoepelde organisatie van de 160.000 Inuit, nadrukkelijk toe opgeroepen in haar resolutie 2010-01 over het gebruik van de term Inuit. Ook termen zoals Nikkers, Lappen en Samojeden zijn uit den boze.

Inuit Circumpolar Council Resolution 2010 – 01
On the use of the term Inuit in scientific and other circles

Whereas the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) was founded to promote the rights and interests of Inuit at an international level, as well as to promote the unity of Inuit across four countries; and
Whereas the International Labour Organization Convention 169 on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples and other international conventions recognize the rights of an indigenous people to self-identify; and
Whereas the ILO 169, the UN Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and other international conventions promote the rights of indigenous peoples to full realization their social and cultural identity, their customs and traditions; and
Whereas ICC and other Inuit organizations have consistently self-identified as “Inuit” in the context of international matters; and
Whereas the term “Eskimo” is not an Inuit term, and is not one that Inuit have themselves adopted; and
Whereas the scientific, research, and other communities have used inconsistent terms when referring to Inuit; and
Whereas some members of the scientific community have reached out to ICC seeking guidance on how the term “Inuit” should be used in their research and published literature;
Let it therefore be resolved that the research, science, and other communities be called upon to use the term “Inuit”, instead of “Eskimo” and “paleo-Inuit” instead of “paleo-Eskimo” in the publications of research findings and other documents.
Passed by ICC Executive Council at the meeting in Nuuk September 29th, 2010
Aqqaluk Lynge

Chair Inuit Circumpolar Council 

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