28 november 2011 – Imaka-lezing – Groningen

British mining on Spitsbergen
Frigga Kruse PhD student Arctic Centre.
Arctisch Centrum / A-weg 30 – ingang H. Colleniusstraat
9718 CW Groningen /T.: 050 3636834 / Entree: € 2,-.

Kruse studies
the development of British mining companies on the Svalbard archipelago in the
first quarter of the twentieth century. Her research question enquires into the
driving forces behind this British involvement, related sub-questions being why
were British mining companies started, how did they choose to operate, and what
were the economic outcomes and geopolitical consequences. She hypothesizes that
not only economic reasons, but also clear geopolitical motivations lay at the
heart of this infant industry, which nonetheless failed against a backdrop of
Norwegian sovereignty over the islands after 1920 as well as global depression.

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